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What business should be done in 2019? This is probably the question that many people care about, especially you are or are planning to do business. We are no more in 2018 we are now in 2019, so business people need to catch the trending businesses. From there, you can choose, evaluate and decide to invest in the most effective items. Usually, there will be different trends that are popular from time to time. So let’s see what experts opinions are on which business or products will explode in 2019!

1. Fashion:

Fashion products always attract customers

All fashion items such as Clothing, Shoes, Bags, Accessories, etc. are expected to remain one of the best-selling items, not just this upcoming 2019 but perhaps the years still the same. Because, the shopping needs of people in this area are no stops and limits, whether male or female. According to the survey, on average, each person spends at least 1 million VND on shopping for fashion items every month. Therefore, if you choose to trade one of these products, don’t worry about not having customers to sell.

2. Cosmetics:

RunGist Cosmetics
What business in 2019, do not ignore the cosmetics – addictive substances for women

Cosmetics are always the product of “extremely hot” and never show signs of stopping cooling in the market. Simply because of the beauty needs of people always have. If before, cosmetics mostly target women, today even “eyebrow whiskers” need to use. Therefore, although cosmetic products always have extremely high competition in the market, cosmetic shops and shops still raced like mushrooms. As long as you have a plan and a specific target, aiming for the right customer segment, making good marketing, this is a cash-out item for you.

3. Food and eating:

Life is more and more modern, it also entails consequences, one of those problems is the food situation, toxic, unknown source is spreading today. In addition, busy life also makes many people do not have time to cook, do not eat the right nutritious meals. They don’t even have time to visit the store to buy food and of course can’t exercise regularly. These things affect a lot to the health.

Food and eating
Green and clean food is one of the 2019 business trends

Therefore, the business of fresh food such as vegetables, meat, fresh fish, organic (non-organic) food is a trend that has exploded many years ago and is expected to continue in the upcoming 2019 . You can also trade food, safe weight loss meals. Or business selling food and drink services online, ship to the place, especially milk tea is still “hot” than ever. Especially the trend of sales through delivery applications (apps) such as GrubHub, postmates, Seamless, …

4. Laptop and Smartphone:

In the 4.0 era today, the technology equipment for the needs of work, entertainment, communication, … such as laptops, smartphones (smart phones) seems to have been an indispensable item. That’s not to mention the “update” speed and release of a new continuous version of these product lines that make consumers always have to follow it. Therefore, if you are passionate and have knowledge about laptops, smartphones, then choosing this business is not a bad decision.

Pretty young woman checking the latest laptop computer in a retail electronic store
Laptop and Smartphone are expected to continue selling in 2019

You do not need to be too worried when you think about your store size is small, the amount of capital is not high and it is difficult to compete with electronics centers or supermarkets. Because, there are always many potential customer segments, especially middle and low-income customer segments. The characteristics of this product line are the need to have a reliable and reputable warranty policy, so if you can build this, customers will soon find you.

5. Technology accessories:

As mentioned above, the development of laptops, smartphones, electronics, and other technologies is still going on rapidly. Thanks to this development, it is easy to “follow the food industry” as accessories, “easily millions of millions”. The accessories you can trade such as: back cover, leather case, screen paste, memory card, USB, keyboard, backup battery charger … These are phone accessories, technology easy to sell and bring super profits.

Technology accessories, technology-oriented goods industry but always earns huge profits

Because mobile device retailers only have a variety of models, they are not strong in accessories. Partly because there is no diversity of models, the price is often higher than outside. Customers can buy machines from major distributors but still choose to buy external accessories. Therefore, technology accessories are still evaluated by experts as potential in 2019.

10. Goods shipping service:

The form of online sales is booming, leading to a growing demand for freight transport services. The shop owners online sales are always very headache about the status of slow delivery, lost goods, …. Currently there are many transport service units, such as Fast Delivery, DHL, DTDC, FedEx, … but it seems that at the present time is still not enough supply. Therefore, if you are interested in this field, you can refer to a fast and reputable delivery service. Because this is a service that is highly appreciated by potential professionals for its business investment in 2019.

9. Open the dry cleaning shop:

Life is getting more and more busy, making us want to simplify our work. For those who work, there is less time for housework, even if there is a washing machine, there is no time to use it. As for those staying in large cities, owning a washing machine is not easy.

Most people want to minimize the effort to wash their clothes by hand like before. Especially, on rainy and windy days or on working days, there is no time for washing clothes, drying, ironing. Not to mention, everyone needs to enjoy and enjoy free time to rest, more entertainment. Therefore, automatic laundry service is expected to grow strongly in the near future.

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