2019 Moriah Crusade


First of all one might want to ask, what is the real meaning of Moriah? and how does its significance apply to our lives as followers of Christ?

Moriah is first mentioned in Genesis 22:2 as the region from where Jehovah pointed the mountain on which father Abraham was to offer his beloved son Isaac.

In Hebrew the name Moriah is feminine which means the “Lord is my teacher”.

Another source has it that Moriah means “the bitterness of the Lord” which gives the idea that although moved by faith Abraham must have had some moments of intense, sober contemplations within him on the enormity of what seemed to be a decision that showed nothing was too precious to give up in obedience to His voice of Yahweh. You want to know how it felt then check out Jephthah in Judges who offered up his only daughter according to tenor of his vow to God.

Going further we find that Moriah is pronounced “Mōrīyyāh” in the Hebrew tongue and possibly means “seen by Yahweh”.


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